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Gathering of NationsTammara022:04:51 02/18/2005
Custom Graphics Giveaway at www.redweb.orgTammara014:30:29 02/08/2005
LyricsKatie Rose100:54:27 02/08/2005
ParticipationTammara008:33:48 01/31/2005
Gathering Of Nations PowwowTammara120:17:50 01/26/2005
Thnk uTate013:19:42 01/18/2005
Words of appreciationAndrew K013:43:53 11/16/2004
New CD and tour Alaska!shae018:07:07 11/03/2004
appreciatelorette020:25:34 09/20/2004
music/where can we hear a sample work?pete monahan012:07:26 06/06/2004
Music is the KeyrUSS gOLATA016:25:50 04/30/2004
Music is the KeyrUSS gOLATA016:22:50 04/30/2004
American Indian music and Jazz / bluesThomas Marshall016:58:15 11/17/2003
Wahjeeleh-Yihm Translation?Leslie223:39:11 08/09/2004
I Only Heard Part of a Song...Christina001:23:36 09/29/2003
lincoln center AICHA member010:04:42 08/14/2003
Mahk JchiBarbara Peck222:19:41 11/14/2004
HI Jenny Remember Me!Keisha Pourier015:27:47 07/23/2003
Lyric Translation? Song: "Mother"Theresa020:02:56 07/14/2003
looking for translation of lyricssophie1icat622:26:25 11/14/2004
archaeology speaksbeverly luecking200:55:56 03/10/2003
Knowledge is powerBea Harrell316:56:20 04/17/2003
Words of appreciationJoyce McBryde023:49:52 01/30/2003
Indigenous RightsMeisha321:15:15 02/01/2005

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