Ulali Booking Calendar

Welcome to the Ulali "Booking Calendar".  This is here for the use of potential venues.  The requested dates do not necessarily reflect the performance date, so if they are close by hopefully we can block book.  Once the venue is under contract or reasonably close to confirmation the exact location and name will be filled in.

If you have made a request and do not see the date and location filled in,  PLEASE email me at bookings@ulali.com ASAP.  It's a mistake.  Remember little bookings can be grouped to become a "good" tour!  While we realize that weekends are prime for festivals we prefer one day for travel and rest.  So don't be afraid to propose the middle of the week if it works for you.


When the listing appears on the main Tour Guide
you can assume that there is a contract.

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ULALI 2007 Booking Calendar
03/08/07 Logan, UT  
03/10/07 Albuquerque, NM  
03/11/07 San Jose, CA  
04/07 Wisconsin  
4/07 Shelton, WA  
04/12/07 Seattle, WA  
4/14-15/07 Sitka, Al  
5/19/07 New York, NY