Welcome to Ulali's On Line Booking Room


There are now two ways to request a Ulali Performance or Workshop.  

Please follow these directions


Check the Tour Calendar to see if they are already booked


Check the Booking Calendar to see if someone in your state or neighboring state has a request in.  If you are low funds try to be flexible.  We can include you in a "block booking."   This way travel expenses can be shared between more than one venue.  And we will be inclined to accept a "discounted fee" when we are performing more than one job in the same general area. 


Check the Open Requests to see if anyone else is interested that is in your area
4 Decide which proposal you should use. 

a Booking Proposal-- is for venues that have funds and a definite date.  This request is not published to the web but is sent to a mailbox. 

b Expression of Interest --  is for venues that have very modest funds and/or no specific date.  This request is published to the web and can be viewed by other venues.  If you have a definite date and modest funds you should use  Booking Proposal.


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